A press statement signed by Mr. Mohammed Soale, Manager, and copied the Ghana News Agency (GFA) complained bitterly about the lackadaisical stands of Obuasi-based Ash-Gold FC, a premiership side had taken concerning the payment of their share of Opoku-Agyemang’s transfer fee, a former player of the team, whom Ash-Gold transferred to C.S. Sfaxien, a Tunisian Club side in July, 2007.

EurobondThe statement, headed ‘Young Kotoko deserves its fair share of Opoku-Agyemang’s 750,000 Euro paid to Ash-Gold’, explained that in 2004, Young Kotoko and Ash-Gold signed an agreement to transfer Opoku-Agyemang to the latter.

Under Clause Four of the agreement “when the player obtains a move to another club locally or internationally Ash-Gold would pay the colts club 15 per cent of the fee received after deduction of expenses and player development”.

Opoku-Agyemang, the statement said, “obtained a move from Ash-Gold to C.S. Sfaxien in July, 2007 for an amount of US$80,000”.

It continued that, although Article Three of the Agreement signed between Ash-Gold and C.S. Sfaxien categorically stated that “Ash-Gold shall be paid 30 per cent of a future transfer”, but later when Young Kotoko approached the Obuasi Club for its part of the US$80,000 transfer fee that Ash-Gold received from the Tunisian Club, Ash-Gold claimed they had not yet received it.

Again, according to the statement, C.S. Sfaxien later transferred Opoku-Agyemang to Al Saad of Qatar for an amount of 2.5 Million Euros, which Ash-gold received 750,000 Euros as its 30 per cent share.

“Now Ash-Gold is refusing to pay Young Kotoko its 15 per cent of the US$80,000 initially received from the Tunisian Club and also another 15 per cent from 750,000 Euros because they (Ash-Gold) claim C.S. Sfaxien had not paid the $80,000”, the statement said.

The statement did not agree with Ash-Gold’s excuses, questioning why “ Young Kotoko should suffer for the actions and inactions of Ash-Gold? Is it Young Kotoko’s duty to recover the said US$80,000?” it queried

“Per the Agreement Young Kotoko had with Ash-Gold, both clubs were to benefit financially from Opoku-Agyemang and not Ash-Gold alone.

The statement expressed the conviction that both parties (Ash-Gold and Young Kotoko) could easily resolve the matter amicably for the progress and development of Ghana football.



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