The New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo who is?almost 70 years, has taken a swipe at the ruling NDC for attempting to make a better candidate out of President John Mahama’s youthfulness, describing this propaganda tool as “ridiculous.”?

Nana Addo was speaking in an interview during a?media encounter in Accra, where he noted that age is not an issue in a campaign.??I am not worried about this business of age. There are old people who are very young at heart and there are young people who are very old at heart.?There are old people who appeal to young people and there are young people who appeal to old people. For me, making a campaign around age suggests that you don?t have much to say,? he said.

The NPP flagbearer indicated that the NDC got it all wrong by towing that line of campaign stressing that campaign message has to be about ?your ability to deliver on the things that you have to say, pointing out that there?are young leaders who have performed; there are young leaders who have not performed.

“There are old leaders who have performed and there are old leaders who have not performed so the issue is never about age like it isn?t one of sex or tribe or religion. So I am not worried about the age of my opponent.?

He called for an issue-based discussions and not?discussions?that are based on who is younger than who.


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