The managing editor of the Daily Dispatch, Mr. Ben Ephson has taken the pain to refresh the memories of voters on how his good works in studying the political terrain of Ghana, makes his predictions come close to the actual electoral results that are announced. The renowned pollster observed that though he had made enemies through the work he does, he believes that whoever God has blessed; no man can curse.

?You know, you don?t like Ben Ephson?but what God has blessed, there nothing you can do about it?, he said.


Making reference to the ground works he did in 2004, Mr. Ephson established that the Daily Dispatch newspaper predicted that ex-president Kufuor would get between 53%- 55% of the total vote cast, of which he secured 52.4%. He chipped in that another research agency by name Primary Research Association, predicted in the same election year that Mr. Kufuor would score 56% out of the total vote cast.

Speaking in an interview with Radio Gold, Mr. Ben Ephson recalled a similar event prior to the 2008 general elections, when he predicted that Nana Addo would score either 48.2% or 50.2% of the total vote cast; of which he managed to scoop 49.13% in the first round. He again revealed that in that same year, Research International predicted that Nana Addo would clasp 52%. Putting out his argument across, Mr. Ephson noted that he predicted 44.7% ? 46.7% for the late president Mills against the 38% Research International envisaged for him. ?Mills got 47.92%?, he added.

Mr. Ephson indicated that prior to this year?s election, ?Research International gave Mahama 47% and we gave Mahama 52%. Both Research International and the Daily Dispatch had a variation of 2% and Mahama got 50.7%. Research International said Akuffo Addo would get 52% and we said 44.7% and he got 47.7%. The six others, Research International said 1% and we said 3%?we put this down and people forget?.

Source: Chris Joe Quaicoe//Peacefmonline


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