Tonto Dikeh

Controversial Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh was interviewed on Rubbing Minds program on Channels TV.

When asked about her opinion on bleaching, the fair-skinned actress said: ?I don?t think I have an opinion on it, I just think we can do it the right way. It mustn?t go wrong. It can be right. If you do not love your skin for some reason, you can change it.?

When asked about the health implication, she said: ?I use a lot of oil and I don?t think oil is a bad thing? It?s coming out really well? I was a fair girl. I?m very fair already. I?m just trying to enhance my colour.?

Interviewer: ?Are you going to keep doing it?

Tonto: ?I love being very fair.?

Interviewer: ?So you have no problem with it.?

Tonto: ?I have no problems at all?

Source-African Spotlight


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