The program seeks to support students who lost their parents as a result of the virus with assorted school materials (i.e copy books, book bags, pencils, erasers, etc.) , full tuition payments as well as provide them access to a semester long workshop to know their progress, create the space for mentoring and psychosocial support.

The project is a Friends of Liberia funded project implemented by YOCEL in partnership with LIGHT TV, S4 INFINITY and IBIS- Liberia targeting 10 students from grade 1-6, between the ages of 9-19years.

The initiative encourages children under this program to persuade basic education without any hindrance and support the integration of Ebola Orphans into the society.

Over the last couple of months, many institutions has been visiting those children and nothing has happen according to one of the kids and YOCEL is the first to make such rapid intervention. “Every day I see people from different NGO writing our names and they can’t do anything, you’re the first people to support us.” Said little Massa Keita of 3rd grade.

We would like to use this medium to call on all international organization and donors to support the call of these children that are desperately in need of getting back to school or staying in school.

Once again thanks to our funded Friends of Liberia and other partners who contributed directly or indirectly to this project.

“You people really need to help those children because they are suffering so much. The school has try but the case is too big for us, because they also need psychosocial support.” said Mr. Ballah, Principal, Voinjama Public School.


YOCEL is a Liberian non-profit organization that promotes quality education and provides a supportive platform challenging the creativity of young people. The organization emphasizes community mobilization and engagement as a means to address the needs of young people and promote change.

The NGO focuses on Education and Capacity Building, Participation and Empowerment, Employment and Entrepreneurship, Advocacy and Gender Equality. These interventions provide a platform from which young people can stand up and raise their voices in support of quality education.

Source: Beyan Flomo Pewee


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