It seems that if you want to be in the music industry these days, all you need is to get into the studio, make some crappy music and have the sound engineer use auto-tune to make it sound bearable to the audience.

Yesterday I was watching television and this gospel musician was feeling so damn good as she ?sang? her auto-tuned track. It was unbelievably awful to the extent that I switched the television off.

Why do we have to use this technology anyway? In the past, when there weren?t any computers to generate beats or use auto-tune, weren?t Ghanaians making music? We have a wide range of instruments; xylophones, acoustic guitars, gongs, drums, etc. Thank God music talent shows these days use live band music. At least they know the importance of natural/raw talent.

If an artiste is good, that artiste would not need to use auto-tune in his/her music. It is as simple as that. I?ve heard very good tracks made with it but most tracks that use it are just unpleasant and shouldn?t even be released.

I mean there are so many artistes out there like Nana Yaa, Efya, Irene Logan, Kwabena Kwabena, Kojo Antwi etc. who belt out classic tunes without these equipment and we love them for it?

If talentless artistes are struggling and have to depend on this auto tune to sell music, that shows they should find a different job. When it comes to music, creativity is the key, not fine tuning?

Let?s kill the strong emergence of auto-tune in Ghana music before it becomes unbearable. Next time you pick up an auto-tune, just switch stations or put your set off?This is what I do.

Anyway, what do you think about the use of auto tune? Share your thoughts with us.

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