Mr Yahya Meirigah, a Senior Performer, Ghana Dance Ensemble, has said Africans lack boldness to take hard decisions to turn the fortunes of the continent around to liberate its citizenry from poverty.

He said as a result, the society was characterized with indiscipline and lawlessness because everybody was doing what he or she thought was right.

“Boldness in taking hard decision irrespective of who will be affected is the antidotes to Africa’s development and emancipation,” he said.

Mr Meirigah was speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra during one of their rehearsal at the national Theatre.

“Because we are not bold to take result oriented decisions, we cannot implement our beautiful laws that we put on paper,’ he said.

He said things that are of socio-cultural values have been politicized, and urged the politicians to give the electorate a break by remaining focus on their call and not giving political colours to every issue.

He, therefore, called for awareness creation through various platforms to inculcate boldness in the youth to correct what the older generation has failed to achieve.

Mr Meirigah also called on educational institutions, especially the basic schools to start training pupils at the tender age to be self-confident so that as they grow they would be bold in all endeavour.

“Our Churches and mosques should not be left out in this crusade as they gather large congregations on regular basis,” he added.

Source: GNA/