wpid-Yahya-Jammeh.jpgThe entire staffers of the Gambian Embassy in the United Kingdom have been terminated from their positions by Africa?s most brutal autocrat, dictator Yahya Jammeh, ASN has learnt.

According to officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, no official reasons were forwarded. ?We just received directives to terminate everybody at the embassy and that?s what we did?, one of them said.

However, officials said that the regime in Banjul is not happy with the way the embassy is operating, especially in dealing with the diaspora Gambians in the UK. They added that the regime is also accusing some of them of compromising their diplomatic status by revealing the regime?s secrets to the government of David Cameron.

The Jammeh regime last October decided to pull The Gambia out of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Banjul?s decision to withdraw from the Commonwealth came on the heels of a humiliating visit by the Gambian tyrant in New York when pro-democracy activists protested in large numbers causing him utmost embarrassment.

The Commonwealth is a gathering of at least 50 countries mostly Britain and its former colonies around the world. The organization provides a tremendous amount of support through millions of annual grants, military aid, judicial and educational assistance to some of its poorer members.


Source: americanstreetnews.com


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