May 10th is tagged as a day to celebrate mothers across the world. It is believed that mothers give so much and receive very less hence on that day; everyone in the world tries to celebrate their mums to make them feel special if not for anything for caring them in their wombs for nine months.
IMG-20150509-WA0002[1]Ghanaian female singer YaaYaa (formerly called Bertha) winner of Stars of the future mother Comfort Kankam threw words of praise and honor to YaaYaa?s grandmother Elizabeth Awuah on mother?s day. did the unusual because on mother?s day everybody showers praise on their mothers but we went the extra mile to talk to Yaayaa?s mother asking her what she wants to say to her mum (YaaYaa?s grand mum).
When spoke to the singer?s mother inside Kumasi she said: ?Well, I am grateful to my mum for ensuring that I had proper education and good upbringing.
When we spoke to YaaYaa, she also added: ?my grand mum deserves to be celebrated on Mother?s day because what she taught my mum has gone a long way in affecting the way she has raised my siblings and I?.
YaaYaa also opined that coming from a family where both mothers (grand Mum and my Mum) are all singers, I am always grateful to my mum for being my backbone in my music career.
In talking a bit about her mother YaaYaa?s mum said: ?back then many girls hardly go to school but my mother actually went down on her knees to beg my dad to take me to school, something that is worth praising her for?.
In ending her conversation with YaaYaa was full of praise for her mothers (grand mum & Mother) such that she could not hide her love for them telling them how proud she is as a daughter. Her final words were, ?I love them?.
Singer YaaYaa?s mother on mother?s day shared these words with us, we say happy mother?s day and a big thank you to them for giving the world an artiste like YaaYaa.


Credit: Nana Yaw Wiredu/


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