Ya Naa Abukari Mahama II
Ya Naa Abukari Mahama II

Ya-Na Abukari Mahama II has enskined Alhaji Haruna Tia Sulemana, a 63-year old former New Patriotic Party (NPP) Northern Regional Chairman as Zoosali Lana.

Ya- Na gave him kola which signified that he was enskined as Zoosali Lana.

Zoosali is one the traditional communities of Dagbon and is a suburb of Tamale, the Northern Regional capital.

Zoosali Lana Alhaji Haruna Tia Sulemana is married to three wives with 15 children.

He became the Regent of Zoosali, when his father Zoosali Lana Tia Sulemana died on December 3, 2015.

He was accompanied by hundreds of elders, young men and women to witness his enskinment by the Ya-Na at the Gbewaa Palace.

Ya-Na Abukari II reiterated the need for all the Dagbon Chiefs to support his reign as Ya-Na to bring peace and unity to Dagbon.

His Majesty Ya-Na Abukari II, Overload of Dagbon called on all the Chiefs of Dagbon to ensure that lasting peace continued to prevail in all their areas for development to prevail as they were all one people.



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