The fitness tracker is an updated and upgraded version of its popular and affordable series of fitness band.

band3The third generation tracker will be officially available in the Chinese market by the end of the month, as revealed by the company.


The new fitness band comes with 0.42-inch OLED display that resists any scratches and fingerprints; in addition, as per the manufacturer’sclaims, the display is well visible even under direct sunlight.

Combining the best features of all its previous versions, the Chinese manufacturer has made significant technological enhancements to the product. The display shows theuser data such as time, heart rate, calories burned, number of steps taken, notification on battery charge, and other useful details on daily activities; unlike the earlier versions, this information are available without the need of any smartphone application. The device can be easily customized by pressing a button on the band to get only that informationthat the user needs.

The tracker made up with breathable, anti-sweat, silicon bands are considerable lightweight so that the user does not feel the discomfort when worn for long duration; in addition, the device, as claimed, is water-resistant and conforms to IP67 rating.

The Chinese manufacturer has also increased the accuracy levels of the Mi Band 2. The bands monitors the user’s activity 24/7 using an advanced pedometer algorithm and a highly accurate optical heart rate sensor. The sensors makes theuse of LED light incidenton the skin to measure various parameters through the raysthat getscattered by the blood flow.

The monitoring device will vibrate and notify the user on any incoming call, text, and other notifications. The device can also be used to unlock a Xiaomi phone.

Fitness bands made by manufacturers such as Fitbit, Garmin, and Xiaomi are fastgaining prominence in the wearable market among the masses. They incorporate a host of innovative features offered by smartphone and are budget-friendly, as well.

As market experts confer Xiaomi does not have significant presence in wearable market outside Asia. Recent launches of wearables have led the company to augment its global market share for its smartwatches and its fitness bands.

Recent technological advancement by manufacturers have led to the design of high-end and user-friendly fitness bands that are gaining traction across consumers, especially in emerging nations.

Tracking the current and emerging technology trends in processor designing and innovations in display technology, recently, Big Market Research has added a report titled “Global Fitness Bands Market 2015-2019”. The study offers insights into detailed profile and strategies of key market players along with the market share & size of major segments.


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