xandy kamel
xandy kamel
xandy kamel
xandy kamel

Whilst the collaboration between Kumawood film industry and Nollywood, is getting close-fitting day in and out – as more Nollywood stars storm Kumawood to star in the latter?s movies, some Kumawood stars are also making efforts to work in Nollywood.

Promising Kumawood actress, Xandy Kamel, has had the rare opportunity to star in a new upcoming Nollywood movie titled ?Beyond Love? from the stables of 1 and 2 production.

Being the first Kumawood actress to enter into Nollywood, she revealed that she had the opportunity to star in the Nollywood film after the production of a movie. Nigeria?s revered actor, Uche, watched some couple of her movies and realized that she?s fit to play some roles in a forthcoming production.

Xandy starred in the movie with, Wizkid, Ebiye Amanda, Fredrick Leonard, Bishop Umeh, and others. Based on her creditable acting, she was promised more roles with good offers.

?It was a great experience and I learned a lot from Nollywood. Looking at how they shoot their movies which look a bit different from how we in Kumawood shoot our movies ? in terms of the timing and all; but in all, I was able to deliver to expectation? Xandy said amidst giggling. Currently she?s back in Ghana shooting an upcoming Kumawood movie.

By;; Mustapha A Inusah/Attractive


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