How many people in the corporate are aware of the popular quote that ‘a cat can never become a tiger’? What is the true meaning of the above quote? How a cat can become a tiger? Answer to the above question, one should try to understand from the context of corporate scenario and not in the literary sense.

If we closely look at a cat, except in size, the cat has great resemblance with tiger in many ways. In the scientific sense, a cat can be called as a ‘miniature version’ of a tiger. But still a cat can never become a tiger.

Resemblance even at 50% level is pointing only towards 50% possibility and the other fifty can go totally against the assumption.

The truth is that many corporate do work in the matrix of just 50% possibility for success. The interesting thing is that even some HR functions also follow the above principle of ‘a cat is a tiger’ in the corporate.

In a desperate attempt, either in the recruitment of people or assigning work or promoting the candidates to the next level, most corporate always look at what best is available at store. They seldom search and find the best from elsewhere. But unfortunately, they connect or relate only the 50% similarity or homology to complete and absolute to the picture and thus raise their expectations accordingly.

What a tiger does in the jungle is only a cat is also doing in the street. Cats are known to hide, pounce, attack etc., like all tigers in the jungle. Cat also has retractable claves and sharp night vision. It is swift and smart indeed.

Many one man driven corporate, choose candidates based on some reference pictures and its resemblance in the candidates. Based on such resemblance, they select the people for different positions or assignments. Later they also expect them to perform like the image they have in their mind. A mere resemblance or some level of homology should never be taken as a standard for appointing people in the corporate.

Many employees also carry the ‘syndrome of tiger’s resemblance over a cat’ in many corporate. Not only they believe that they are relatives of a ‘tiger’ but also engage in fooling the world to believe their foolish concept. A mere relationship or similarity never establishes the fact that their performances also will be identical to the former.

The corporate leaders and the entrepreneurs must remember that likes or dislikes or appreciation or criticism or hiring or firing, by the corporate, operating from the domain of resemblance or similarity is detrimental and disastrous to the organization.

There are many occasions, people have been disliked and later were sacked because they have name which is disliked by the boss.

Keep remember the simple truth that ‘cat never can become a tiger’, you can avoid many of your silly mistakes.

Ref: Jungle wisdom for corporate management- lessons from the university of nature by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S Ranganathan


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