My Dear Omane Boamah,?

I received your letter through ST PETER. I do appreciate your love for me, but what marvels me is that when I was alive, you never bothered to write me such a wonderful letter, but had to wait till my death. I also realized that you were crying when you visited the castle after my death.

I sincerely do not believe in that tears you shed. You were not shedding those tears because I was dead, but you were crying because of your pocket and your position. In fact you were not sure of what will happen to your position and that is the reason for the uncontrollable tears.

In fact it was not you alone, but Ablakwah, Koku and others were all shedding crocodile tears.

I also realized that most of you were saying I shouldn’t have gone so soon, but deep down in your heart and in the hearts of many in the party, especially the President John Mahama, you are much happier about my death than my living. Most of you thought I have become an albatross on the neck of the party and the only way the party can win power is by my death.

Because of your wickedness, you people did not even allow me to resign, because if I did, that would have been a political suicide for the party and urged me on till my death. I quite remember you telling me to jog on the tarmac when I returned from medical check up just to show my fitness, but you knew that was detrimental to my health.

I sincerely pray for Ghanaians to reject you all at the polls in the 2012 elections, it is in doing so that they will get to know exactly the cause of my death, and the gargantuan corruption Martin Amidu talked about in my government.

As for me, I am gone and free, its rather the rest of you that will face the music when you are booted out of office. I am preparing a place for you all who might commit suicide after the loss of the 7 December elections.




Source:?Ghana Youth Movement


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