The corporate world is full of people who are willing to do anything to succeed.  Whether it is working harder than others, befriending the boss, becoming the office pet, kissing up to people, or promiscuity; others are willing to do anything.

It is evident that hard work pays off but I have witnessed the extent that others will do to succeed. I personally believe in working hard and not participating in extracurricular activities.  However, when is it okay to go further than hard work?

In my opinion, men have an advantage to climb the corporate ladder faster than women. Amongst others reasons, men are assertive, willing to work harder and longer hours, and compromise when need be.

On the other hand, sometimes women are seen as fragile, unwilling to work longer hours, dedicated to their families, and not aggressive. Better yet, while objectively looking at societal workforce, it seems like for women who do succeed in climbing the corporate ladder, many of them are unmarried, have no children, and are intimidating to others either due to their demeanor, education, or ability to rule with an iron fist.

Unfortunately, movies have shown the ugly side to climbing the corporate ladder as well. Though these are actors, many movies have truth to those who will steal, kill, sabotage, or take credit of other people?s work in order to advance.

Therefore, in this case would you do anything to climb the corporate ladder? If so, how far would you go to have that corner office on the penthouse floor with glass windows and a huge bonus?

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