Goil Filling Station Fire
Goil Filling Station Fire

As the full and lasting impact of the 3rdJune 2015 flood and blast becomes evident and as the 3 day official mourning period kick-starts on Monday many still require water and food to soothedry throats and empty stomachs.

Goil Filling Station Fire
Goil Filling Station Fire

In September 2005 New Orleans experienced one of the severest floods recorded in American history prompting thousands to move from the city to other parts. The death toll run into the thousands. Thecause was breached levees following a hurricane (Katrina) and although FEMA was to aid victims, despite released funds many especially the African population received very little or no help underlying a critical failure of leadership.
In Ghana, hours of torrential rain led to floods affecting offices, homes, prayer centres and streets. At the Kwame Nkrumah circle, a fire blast at the state oil company (GOIL) toasted many who had sought shelter at the fuel station from the heavy rains.Eventually the two elements of nature i.e. water and fire conspired to claim over 170 bodies although the number could rise in the coming days when extra bodies are retrieved.
Whiles the president, mayor, MPs and others tour the affected parts what is clear is that a series of events led to the loss of lives. Accra and for that matter the country has a poor waste disposal culture which is evident in the volumes of organic and plastic waste all around us, inadequate storm drains as well as the choking of the few available with waste, the building of structures in the path of running water, the fillingup of wet lands with concrete, the failure of the metropolitan assemblies to enforce bye-laws and effect arrest of offending parties as well as engineering short cuts have brought us here. Often I shudder at the thought of a tsunami or hurricane hitting us knowing full well the potential body count.
WithJune and July being traditional rainy seasons more rain can be expected. Althoughpresident Mahama has released GHc50 millionto cater for those affected what is certain is that it isn?t everyone hit who will benefit from the fund and it is here that public figures or stars as they love to be called must show their love for the people.
It is true that musicians and entertainers offer service for the fees and privileges they enjoy but without the people no matter what service they have to offer would have been inconsequential. In many interviews one could hear them thank their adoring fans for their support and inspiration.
It is in these trying times that I implore the stars to mobilize resources and feed, care, foot the medical bills and console the flood and fire victims. Although they are not elected or appointed authorities many look up to them rather than put faith in the state officials or designated authorities.
Shatta Wale informs us that he is the Korle Gonno godfather and professes his love for folks at Nima and his undying love for the sweet ladies at Newton. We know ?everybody loves your tin? Shatta, ?nuh beg no friend? and ?no one can touch you? but now is the time bring some relief to the heart broken and helpless folks intheseareas you preach about whiles at the same time giving meaning to the ?Ghana mi sey? creed.
For Samini the Dansoman lord, the flood and engulfing fire is ?too bad? as many who lost lives were going about their ?movement?.Would Samini be moved to set up a soup kitchen for affected folks especially mothers and their wards till they could find their feet?
Could Becca, Mzvee and Efya who have shown an Afrocentric streak and love for the ?African woman? rally for their common cause? Since some affected folks cannot get clean water to wash their retained items, can Becca and her sisters hire water tankers to provide water on their account?
After endearing himself to many youth with his ?ghetto arise? tune can Edem help in lifting the spirits of the ghetto youth by offering clothing, foot wear and cash especially for victims in the Volta region?
Could Kwabena Kwabena offer to sing his ?buekwan? tune to the down hearted but in addition aid in mobilizinga blood donation exercise to help stock the blood bank?
Would Manifest the unofficial mouth piece of Medina seeing the harm the floods have caused citizens collaborate with his US associates to raise funds to finance the medical and rent bills of the affected seeing that the whole situation is ?someway Bi?.
Stonebwoy must have seen that the situation ?can?t cool? unless something tangible is done for the Ashiaman / Tema inhabitants. The Bhim nation leader has already filled the Tema stadium once for his (thank you)concert. He can fill up the stadium yet again by offering clothing, hot meal, clean water, sanitary items, mattresses, medicines and utensils to the poor and needy with the help of Tema based soldiers such as Stay Jay, R2bees, Sarkodie, YaaPono and others.
Although D-Black has many ?questions? he can still fall on his Ghanaian and South African partners and sponsors to offer much needed cash to the injured survivors from the blast.
Duty calls on VVIP members to rally and put smiles on the faces of the Nima, Avenor and Alajo folks. If there is anyone to lead the way it ought to be VVIP in their strong hold.
For EL he must leave footprints at Osu, Spintex and Dansoman since he has had stints at all these places.
Okyeame Kwame and his Bradez together with Morris De Voice, ShattaRako, Ernest Opoku, Kweku Gyasi and others must rally and show love to the flood victims in Kumasi and its environs.
Does MUSIGA president Obuor have plans of intervening? What about the rap SofuorObrafuor would the touch bearer implore his congregants to sow seeds in the lives of the victims?
Could movie stars such as Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari, Yvonne Nelson, Joselyn Dumas, Chris Attoh, Lil Win, John Dumelo and Majid Michel be touched to offer some love and adopt some of the orphaned kids?
When it comes to highlife music in the country the top 3 in no particular order Kojo Antwi, Daddy Lumba and AmakyeDede proving their experience and foresight have tunes touching on bereavement, death and faith in the supreme one.
InLumba?s repertoire can be found adaka tea, anidasowo ho ma obiara, emere pa beba, homeless, ohiaasem and sikaasem which the bereaved can digest in this troubling times.
Kojo Antwi offers ma daneosamai, prayer for the world and odaseni whiles in AmakyeDede?s arsenal exist dabidabi, asemtumeakebi ma me, enkaenkyi, kosekose, okyenasese, sansankroma, sufrewunyame and yeyiwubebiakobebi.
But aside their timeless pieces these 3 music gods can do more for the poor, needy and dispirited than any official when they pull their forces together as well as liaise with their sponsors in providing solid help for the injured, bereaved and orphaned.
In all of these, it is heartwarming to note that gospel musician Sonnie Badu intends to raise 50,000 dollars for the flood and fire victims as is the fund set up by Action Chapel International.
The Agricultural Development Bank Ghana?s donation of ?100,000 to the Ridge and 37 Military Hospitals to assist them in the delivery of medical care to victims is commendable and a practice other banks, telcos, pharmaceutical and other corporate entities must follow.
Would it be too much to for one or more of the loud mouthed wealthy folks in the country to finance habitats and relocate citizens who live at Glefe, Kwashiebu, Santa Maria (A-Lang), Chorkor, Weija and other flood prone areas to safe guard lives and property?
In the Katrinaaftermath most help the African residents got was from hip-hop stars, entertainers and individuals.One can only hope our folks in the sports; music and movie circlescan rise up to the challenge and show the politicians how it?s done.

source: michaeleli dokosi
twitter: mystiqmike


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