Islamic scholar advises Muslims against abandoning their parents

The Chief Imam of the Abuja branch of “Dairat Jafariyat Fitorikat Tijaniyat?? Islamic Organisation, Alhaji Mufutaudeen Ajijola-Anabi, has advised Muslims against abandoning their parents.

He gave the advice on Sunday, while delivering a lecture at the Qur?anic Recitation/Special Prayer for the Nation, organised by the group, in Abuja.

He stressed that the adherents? worship of Allah would be incomplete “if they desert, abandon or abuse their parents??.

Ajijola-Anabi said that Allah had commanded Muslims to always show affection and kindness to their parents, stressing that He absolutely forbade the ill-treatment, abuse and neglect of parents.

The cleric quoted Allah as saying in the Qur?an that: “Your Lord has decreed that you shall worship none except Him and show kindness to your parents.??

He said that people should always speak to their parents graciously and pray for them by saying “My Lord, have mercy on my parents, as they raised me mercifully when I was small.??

Ajijola-Anabi reiterated that paradise was meant for those “who are kind to their parents??, quoting Prophet Muhammad as saying: “Paradise lies at the feet of the mothers.??


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