President Muhammadu Buhari, in New York, urged international communities and the United Nations to do more, to contain the Consider the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), and Boko Haram terrorist groups.


Efforts needs to be stepped up in terms of taking military action combined with effective border security, intelligence collection and sharing, and vigorous policing action.
Addressing other world leaders at the Global Leaders Summit on countering ISIL and Violent Extremism,convened by United States President Barack Obama ,Buhari said while addressing the causes of extremism it is important to pay close attention to other manifest factors that may not be tangible but can be crucial.

Good governance, which entails transparency, accountability and rule of law, remains the basis on which we should kick-start the process of ridding the world of the menace of terrorism and violent extremism? he said.

According to the Nigeria?s President, terrorists exploits anger of citizens when there is a feeling of injustice and corruption.

?Mr Chairman, you have yourself observed that ?groups like al-Qa?ida and ISIL exploit the anger that festers when people feel that injustice and corruption leave them with no chance of improving their lives? he said directing his point to the Secretary General of the United at ions, Ban Ki-Moon.

Member States, therefore need to address local socio-economic grievances by formulating policies that would ensure broad-based transformation through job creation, equalization of opportunities and expanding access to social services.

The international community will also be required to work together to deter and disrupt illicit financial flows from nations with weak anti?theft structures to other parts of the world.

?Where such funds are identified, the victim State should be assisted to recover them expeditiously? Buhari said adding that the Africa region needs to also rededicate itself to uphold the mandate of the African Union Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) and other good governance initiatives, that will encourage conformity with political, economic and corporate governance values.

All options, he said, must be explored and all hands must be on deck in the quest for a durable and a lasting panacea to the threat posed by ISIL, Al-Qaida, Boko Haram and the like.

The UN Scribe in his opening remarks noted that violent extremism flourishes when human rights are violated, aspirations for inclusion are ignored, and too many people, especially the world?s young people with their hopes and dreams, lack prospects and meaning in their lives.

Re-echoing the crucial ingredients for success: Good governance. The rule of law. Open, pluralist societies. Quality education and decent jobs. Full respect for human rights, Ki-Moon said though security-focused counter-terrorism measures are crucial, it was no use playing to the gallery of those you intend to defeat by further alienating already marginalized groups or communities.

Listing keys for success, the UN Scribe noted governments cannot do it alone, but needs to engage all of society, religious leaders, women leaders, leaders in the arts, music and sports.

Government needs to make a special effort to reach young people where they live, share ideas and communicate. Social media is central. We need to offer a counter-weight to the siren songs that promise adventure, but deliver horror and that promise meaning, but create more misery.

Leaders must work harder to build truly accountable institutions. I continue to urge leaders to listen very carefully to the grievances and aspirations of their people and address them. We must be guided by the moral compass of our common values. Respect for international law and human rights is non-negotiable. Without it, we are lost. Let us not be ruled by fear or provoked by those who strive to exploit it, he said.

?We have a major challenge before us, one that will not disappear overnight, but one that we can address concretely by forging societies of inclusion, ensuring lives of dignity, and pursuing this essential endeavour inspired at all times by the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? he added.

Elizabeth Archibong


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