Africa Energy Indaba
Africa Energy Indaba

The World Energy Trilemma Report: Changing Dynamics – Using Distributed Energy Resources to Meet the Trilemma Challenge and the 2017 World Energy Trilemma Index: Benchmarking the Sustainability of National Energy Systems. The Reports were launched today at the COP23 Meeting in Bonn in a session moderated by Dr Christoph Frei with Sir Philip Lowe.

The Trilemma Report considers how distributed energy resources are becoming increasingly important to the global energy system that is being transformed by the self-reinforcing trends of decarbonisation, digitalisation and decentralisation. It finds that countries not taking the necessary steps to integrate distributed energy resources into their national energy systems will face heightened energy security risks, potential infrastructure redundancies and investment challenges that will adversely affect their Energy Trilemma performance. The report identifies some key areas for policymakers and industry leaders to consider for building a resilient energy system of tomorrow, most notably enabling a dynamic and resilient market framework.

The Energy Trilemma Index comparatively ranks 125 countries based on how well they address the energy trilemma, which is the triple challenge of providing energy security, enabling energy access, and supporting environmental sustainability. South Africa is featured on page 116 of the Index.

The World Energy Council appreciates that balancing the Energy Trilemma will entail different actions based on a country’s geographical location, national economic circumstances, energy profile, and Energy Trilemma results. Accordingly, this year’s Index highlights the challenges faced by, and recent developments visible in six geographic regions, including Sub-Saharan Africa, enabling you to closely compare South Africa’s performance with that of its regional peers. Additionally, the Index captures the performance of 125 countries and presents the results in the form of country profiles, allowing for further in-depth comparison with economic peers or countries facing similar energy challenges.

The Council, as a catalyst in building dialogue, sharing best practice and creating a clear vision for sustainability among energy leaders around the world, has endeavoured to make the Trilemma Index a useful tool to facilitate discussion.

We are pleased to help enhance the utility of the Trilemma Index with the availability of the online Trilemma Tool, which allows stakeholders to readily access the results as well as an interactive Pathway Calculator at The Pathway Calculator enables you to identify how to improve the performance of South Africa and understand the impact of energy policymaking in achieving a sustainable energy future.

We hope that these two publications will be useful to you in continuing your role as a driver of energy sustainability in South Africa, and that it will provide valuable information for your discussions.

The World Energy Council will be present and attending the Africa Energy Indaba on the 20 – 21 February 2018 at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg.

Full versions of 1) World Energy Trilemma Report 2017 and 2) World Energy Trilemma Index 2017


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