As the number of unemployed Ugandans continues to grow and income inequality widens further, the World Bank has advised government to embark on equitable redistribution and efficient use of resources to reverse the trend.

The Bank argues that while Uganda has registered progress in poverty reduction, the country has not realised tangible economic transformation which calls for new approaches in resource distribution.

It says there is need for government to re-prioritise areas which can lead to expansion of the economy, creation of more employment opportunities that will lead to inclusive economic growth.

“In our new development recommendation, we have recommended to Uganda authorities to carry out equitable distribution of available resources as well as to make efficient use of the resources,” World Bank country manager Ahmadou Moustapha Ndiaye said on Thursday.

Mr Moustapha said the Bank, in its new list of recommendation, has asked Uganda to prioritise infrastructure development as it is a catalyst to labour movement and facilitation of faster movements of goods and services.

Land reforms
“The other critical areas we have recommended that Uganda government action is to carry out land reforms, land usage; this if done will result into effective utilisation of the available land for productive economic activities,” he said.

Mr Moustapha also revealed that the Bank wants reforms in the agriculture sector, if there is to be any increase in agricultural productivity.

Uganda’s economy is based on agriculture but the share of it to GDP has declined in recent years by about 10 per cent. The main presenter of the public lecture themed “The Era of Governance” was the World Bank’s Director of Economic Policy and Poverty Reduction Programmes for Africa, Dr Marcelo Giugale, who said governments in developing countries are more likely to earn the trust of their people if they can put in place right policies which benefits the local citizens.

By Martin Luther Oketch, Daily Monitor


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