“Project launching demonstrates the commitment of the World Bank group to support Togo in the implementation of the accelerated growth and employment promotion strategy of the country,” said Godwill Tange, the World Bank representative to Togo, on Tuesday.

World Bank
World Bank
Tange also said the project will help Togo streamline the main institutional structures of the country’s extractive industry sector.

“The start of the project will reinforce the effectiveness and the sustainable management of the extractive industry sector,” he added.

According to Assoumatine Aissah-Sartchi, chief of staff at the Mining and Energy Ministry, it is to enhance the governance of the industrial sector and support a better management of environmental aspects in mining operations.

Aissah-Sartchi said the project is a supplement for the development of the country and will support state structures to face the challenge of the commodity market.

He explained the project considers the environmental audit of Togo National Phosphate Company (SNPT), and is expected to enable continuous dialogue between the administration and the community living around phosphate operation sites.

“It will help the Togolese government enhancing effective mining of new resources such as marble, iron and carbonate phosphate,” Aissah-Sartchi said. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/News Ghana


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