The National Youth Employment Program (NYEP) is to expand its artisan training model with an expected World Bank facility.

The expansion should offer viable economic opportunities for the unemployed and partially educated youth.

A Deputy National Coordinator at the NYEP, Mohammed Pelpuo who disclosed this, said the program will continue to provide support for trainees to set up their own businesses after graduation.

At a ceremony to present start-up equipment to some nine hundred graduates under the NYEP?s artisan training model in Kumasi.

The trainees, made up of hairdressers and dressmakers, received hair dryers, sewing machines and other accessories, Mr. Pelpuo noted that he was hopeful the empowerment program will lead to sustainable livelihood for families and reduce youth unemployment.

Project implementers of the NYEP artisan training program, Asongtaba Cottage Industries and Exchange Program called for additional funds to support the project.

Coordinator, Bonosus Kanose said the major challenge was lack of stipends to support trainees, especially with transportation.

According to him, some beneficiaries are so poor they are unable to afford transportation to their training centres.

This encouraged truancy, which militated against the success of the model, he noted.

Mr. Kanose was also hopeful the World Bank facility and proposed reforms of the model will help address the issue.


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