A famous and a profound spiritualist resides in the Kumasi metropolis who is known by his name as Indian man has called on the leaders and staff of electricity company of Ghana to put forces together towards the salvaging of the country?s recent fire situation

According to him, there is nothing without spiritual intervention therefore entreating the Ghanaian populace to support Electricity Company with prayers along as with hard work by the staff and he believes in going to that direction we will achieve nothing but good result. Stressing, in such situations, it normal involves in spiritual and physical dealings. Saying, the physical involvement?? may be the negligence of some once mistake working within the electricity company resulting in such chronics. On the other hand, spiritual aspect could be the fact that one or two people might have committed a bad omen on the land and due to such misfortunes has led the country into dismay.

For such normality?s to be minimized, we need as united Ghanaians to go on to our knees and pray vividly to apprehend the problem. He said, talking on issues matters most bout the country peace, has to do with prayers and not to go publicly on the media because the? current situation needs nothing more valuable than prayers. He said.

In his submission, he call on the general public especially the priesthood, traditional belivers, the Muslim community to actively involved in mass prayers as they all have an important roles to play. Added, Ghanaians should not attribute the problem to light off (Dum-so- Dum-so) but rather seek for the intervention of God hands and the seriousness of Electricity Company who are to be more vigilant in propagating for lasting solutions to the problem.


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