The baby died from organ failure and internal bleeding at Anhui Provincial Children's Hospital (pictured) days after a doctor there wrongly confirmed he was dead and sent body to a funeral home

A baby who was found alive just before it was cremated in China has now died from internal injuries.

The baby was heard crying at the funeral home by staff two days after he was pronounced dead at Anhui Provincial Children?s Hospital in Hefei.

After being returned to hospital, doctors said the boy has now died.

He was returned to hospital in a critical condition but died of internal bleeding and organ failure on Friday, according to the Shanghai Daily. 

The boy had severe disabilities and the hospital treated him until Monday last week, when his condition deteriorated.

At less than one month old, his parents reportedly agreed to end his medical treatment when he was transferred to the funeral home.

But staff found that he still had signs of life during a routine check before the funeral on Wednesday.

Authorities revoked the license of the doctor who mistakenly declared the newborn boy dead, the health department in Anhui province said.

They ruled that the doctor ? identified only by the surname Zha ? was negligent and that hospital?s newborn division was chaotic.

?Because the baby still had life signs, we continued to give him transfusion to maintain his life for humanitarian reasons,? a hospital staff member told state news agency Xinhua.

The baby was born with a ?congenital respiratory system malformation?, the report added.

Last month, a woman visiting a relative?s grave in Sao Paolo, Brazil, was shocked to see a man crawl out of a grave.

The woman was at a cemetery in the suburb of Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Sao Paulo, when she heard faint noises then noticed the earth moving in a grave close by.

?I was terrified to see a man, who I thought was dead, trying to get out of the grave,? said the petrified woman, who asked not to be named.



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