It’s a Saturday night at approximately 11pm… and if you’re a woman you’re most likely feeling frisky. Well, according to a recent sex survey that is. Recent research conducted by Women’s Health discovered the truth behind women’s sex lives in the UK and the geographical differences in sexual appetite and satisfaction between the sheets.

Women from Scotland and the South West are most sexually satisfied (82%), closely followed by the North West (81%), with the majority stating that their sexiest time was on a Saturday night after they’ve let their hair down. Sadly for Irish ladies their sex lives were cited as the least satisfying, with a mere 30% claiming that they were happy with their action in bed.

But Irish women can’t be accused of ‘not trying’, as they also have the most sex, with 42% indulging in bedtime passion more than three times a week. Londoners and Welsh women closely follow, with 33% admitting they have sex more than three times a week.

The study also discovered where UK women get passionate, with 40% of adventurous Brits admitting to having al fresco sex. Regular lovemaking outdoors was labelled the ‘most exciting’ way to get hot and steamy, followed by sex at work (5%) and on the beach (9%).

But not all of the 1,000 women polled seek their sexual thrills outdoors, as 28% of Scottish women revealed that the only place they had sex was at home.

“It is great to see that the majority of British women are satisfied between the sheets, or outside, as our Women’s Health sex survey reveals,” says Women’s Health editor Farrah Storr.



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