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A former Deputy Minister for Food and Agriculture, Dr. Hanna Louisa Bissiw, is threatening to mobilize thousands of women on the streets in defense of Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Mrs. Charlotte Osei if the politically motivated attempt to remove her from office is carried through.

According to the former Tano South lawmaker, attacks on the first female head of the Ghana’s election management body is a direct attack on all women in Ghana, adding “Ghanaian women are battle ready to stand by her to fight her detractors”.

She explained that events leading to the petitioning of President Akufo Addo by some unnamed staff of the EC “clearly show that this attempt to impeach Charlotte is an NPP pet project”.

“The petition itself exposes those behind this plot. This latest attempt to chase out Charlotte is an extension of the NPP’s fruitless attempt to block her appointment using the court. You recall when she was first appointed, the NPP said she is NDC…she was appointed by John Mahama to rig the election for NDC. They said all these disgusting things about her, we, the women of Ghana kept quiet and left her alone to fight her battle but this time round we are not going to allow the NPP to get away with their devious plot”, the former Deputy Minister told newsmen.

She added “recently Hon. Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu and OB Amoah alleged that Charlotte Osei was having problem with her deputies and some of the staff…then few weeks later some unnamed staff of the EC put together a petition stating among other things, the same things Hon. Osei Mensah Bonsu and OB Amoah said as basis for which Charlotte should be removed from office. The NPP might have had their way in the past, but this time it will not work”. Ghanaian women are battle ready for them”.

Dr. Bissiw stated that she is disappointed in President Akufo Addo who only recently received award for championing gender equality from the African Union but “is superintending over a government and party bent on harassing Madam Charlotte Osei and getting her out of office”.

While admitting that nobody can impede the constitutional process laid down in Article 146, the former MP said there are other legitimate ways of kicking against what “you abhor and one of them is demonstration”. “I will lead a demonstration of Ghanaian women if the frivolous petition is giving a hearing” she said.

“When the women of this country hit the streets in their numbers in support of their colleague who is bearing the brunt of NPP’s vindictiveness, we shall see if President Akufo Addo and NPP can stand it, let alone go ahead with their plans to remove her”.

She wrote on her facebook wall “our eyes and ears are wide opened. If the NPPs think because they are in power Ghana must be turned upside down, then they are in for a big surprise !When she was appointed, there came the stupid and disrespectful allegation ,from the NPP, that , her position was in exchange for sexual favors. When some of us spoke against it, women who are today in high offices, opened their gutters to tongue lash us, only for Kennedy Agyapong to come back to apologize to the Lady. This able and capable woman successfully chaired the commission for a successful 2016 elections. The NPP today, is in office and they want to use gutter politics, in an attempt to remove Mrs Charlotte Osei from office.

If they want to taste their own Ungovernable State soup, as they were always taunting when they were in opposition, they should try it, if they think they can always have their evil ways. We are sick and tired of the whims and caprices of the Nauseous Problematic People (NPP). Ghana belongs to all of us. They should concentrate on attempting to deliver their dreamland promises that can only be fulfilled in their dreams, at best. We are watching”.

Source: The aL-hAJJ