?For appointing first female as Electoral Commissioner

By Mark Boye

Various women?s group going by the name the Concerned Women of Ghana have commended the President His ExcellencyJohn Dramani Mahama for appointing Mrs.Charlotte Osei, as the first female electoral commissioner in Ghana.
20150706_100824According to them they are motivated, encouraged and inspired by the courageous step and believe in the President?s commitment to empowering women in Ghana and ensuring that they are appointed to high public offices.
The group numbering about 2000 and carrying placards some of which read ?Affirmative Action on Course?, Thank You Mr. President?, ?Women We are Soaring High? ?Congratulations Madam Comfort Osei?,yesterday thronged the ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection to present a congratulatory message to the president through the sector minister.
They took off from the offices of the Electoral Commission offices and marched through the principal streets and finally converged at the ministry.
Welcoming the group, Nana Oye Lithur thanked the group for their appreciation and assured them that her ministry will continue to work hard to empower them.
She said the president is the first ever president in the annals of Ghana?s history to have appointed a female EC boss, an indication of the governments believe in affirmative action.
Felicia Dzifa Tegah a spokesperson of the group stated that since he became the President of Ghana, His Excellency the President has continuously shown confidence in the capacity of women to effectively govern and lead various sectors of the country.
She said they have observed that the president have made several appointments at every level of his administration; from Cabinet to the appointment of female DCEs and MCEs. ?We are therefore confident that coming 2016, he will select a woman as his running mate?.
Pointing to some appointments as examples to buttress their claim, Ms. Tegah mentioned the female chairperson of the council of state, a female chairman of the public services commission, a female director general of prisons, a female government statistician, and a female controller and accountant general among others.
?The women he has appointed into public office have proved that they are capable of serving and leading the nation. Many women in government at the moment have, through their hard work, won both national and international recognition?, she added.
Ms Tegah further said in 2014, the first lady, Her Excellency Mrs. Lordina Mahama, was decorated with a Global Inspiration Leadership Award and inducted into the Global Women Leaders Hall of Fame.
She also said the sector minister Nana Oye Lithur was appointed Chair of the Ecowas Gender Minister and Ministers of Social Development. ?The Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up Award for Education was awarded her The 2015 DUSUSU Award on African Education of Excellence?.
Touching on the EC Chair, Ms. Tegah stated that they believe in the competence and capabilities of Mrs. Osei, adding that she has gathered rich experience in both her career and academic life and these makes her a good choice for the position of the EC chair.
?We are encouraged that she is bringing in new strengths, ideas and innovations to the electoral Commission as a young and energetic woman of substance?, she added.
?We women of Ghana from different women groups in the Greater Accra region congratulate the President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama for appointing Mrs Osei as the chair for the EC.?, she added.


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