Ghanaian women aspiring to excel in their chosen career have been challenged to apply what is called ?Special She-Skills? to help them get well positioned and also to prevent any doubts which may arise about their competence and capabilities.

The Special She-Skills include leadership, principles, competence, respect, assertiveness, firmness and tactfulness.

According to the Chief Executive Officer and founding partner of Axis Human Capital, Dr. Esi Ansah, most women who have been privileged to get into leadership positions in the workplace are widely perceived to have gained that position through unconventional means hence the need for that perception to be debunked.

Addressing the over 150 women participants at the Women?s Career Forum organized by Citi Fm, Dr. Ansah, also an Assistant Professor at Ashesi University, said not only are these skills needed to excel, but to totally excel and find fulfillment and satisfaction in life and in the workplace, one must be passionate about what she does.

Dr. Ansah said the lack of passion in the chosen careers of most women forces one to hop from job to job which has the tendency of ruining their chances of getting employed at a point as most companies look out for employees who have stability which facilitates growth and experience.

The Operations and Marketing Managing Director of Coca-Cola Equatorial Africa, Linda Larbi who spoke on the topic, ?Keys to Career Success in Global FMCG?s,? advised the participants not to consider being obnoxious and rude as the key to becoming successful leaders.

Madam Larbi also admonished the women to open up about personal and health related issues to the appropriate authorities in the workplace to ensure better treatment and to eliminate the possible infringement on their rights.

?Most at times, it is better to open up to your Human Resource Manager to enable you get the necessary help you may need because if you don?t talk and for instance you are pregnant, you may not get the required treatment and manageable workload you may need. You need to open up because it helps,? Mrs. Larbi emphasized.

Speaking on ?Achieving Excellence in Telecommunications and Marketing Communications,? Head of Corporate Communications, Vodafone Ghana, Carmen Bruce-Annan, urged the women to personally brand themselves and must endeavour to be recognised for one?s skills and abilities.

Bruce-Annan also reiterated the need to identify what one is passionate about and make a career out of it. This she said brings about total commitment to the job hence making it easy to build and maintain a successful career – be it in the formal or the informal sector.

The Deputy Managing Director of UT Bank, Pearl Esuah Mensah, entreated the women to make time to rest after spending long hours at the workplace. She said ?not only does it help to relax your body and mind; it also goes a long way to avert any outburst in the office which has the tendency to ruin your relationship with co-workers.?

She said, ?Although you may have a better idea as to how a project or a job can be accomplished, do things the way he or she wants it. At the appropriate time, suggest it your method to him or her but never be too eager to show people you are good. Timing is key.?

On her part, the CEO of Allure Africa, Dzigbordi Dosoo spoke on ?Defining your career through your image.? She took the women through making clothing choices fit for their chosen career or profession.

She elaborated on the need for personal hygiene and grooming, fashion dos and don?ts for the workplace and basic etiquettes.

A cross section of the audience

By Bernard Yaw ASHIADEY

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