Chief Financial Officers

A new study released by Australian researchers on Tuesday said that women perform better in trading financial instruments than their male counterparts.

Chief Financial Officers
The study conducted by the University of New South Wales, looked at the trading habits of men and women in Finland between 1995 and 2011, with the data showing that women yielded 21.44 percent returns when trading with males.

One of the authors of the report, Professor Peter Swan from the University of New South Wales Business School told Xinhua the superior strategy that females used was predicated on buying underperforming stocks, and selling overpriced stocks, when compared in relation to the average prices.

“Women have got a lot more natural ability, and are much more reflective on what they are doing (when trading), and are much less subject to the emotion of the moment.” Swan said.

This is evidenced, Swan said, in the assessment of the events during the global financial crisis, which the research showed women were able to anticipate opportunities better, and had better avoidance of risk during that time.

“Our findings, in general, are consistent with females making choices quite differently from males and utilizing different areas of the brain based on ‘theory of the mind’ and pattern recognition that enables females to enjoy greater trading intuition,” Swan said.

But the professor did have some advice for any married males who were looking to get into, or currently trade on the stock market.

“Men should make a special point of having their spouse review any choices they make,” Swan said.

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