Bulawayo?s Cowdry Park residents got the shock of their lives after a woman, CLAD in her birthday suit exposed her ?melting honey pot? to a 17-year-old boy and solicited sex from him. The alleged incident occurred on Thursday last week.

Brenda Mlilo (28) and the teenager are tenants at House No. 21895 Cowdry park in Bulawayo. It is reported that the boy has in the past repulsed a number of attempts by the woman to have him FEAST on her. However, this time the boy decided that he had enough of the woman?s seductive behaviour and tackled the bull by its horns.

It is said that on the day, Mlilo proceeded to the boy?s lodgings, upon entry she asked the boy for sex and he refused. Purportedly thinking that the boy did not understand what she was talking about, she sought other means of knocking sense into his head. She is alleged to have taken off ALL her clothes and stood in front of the bewildered boy.

Mlilo went on to caress herself, a move meant to sexually appetise the boy. The X and Y poles failed to attract resulting in the boy demanding that she dresses. She was not for the idea and continued to ask the teenager to have sex with her. Realising that her efforts were meeting stiff resistance, Mlilo reportedly lay on the bed , OPENED her legs wide and exposed her ?honey jar? to the teenager.

Fearing that the situation might overwhelm him, the boy took to his heels and found refuge at a neighbour?s house. The neighbour took the boy to the police where the matter was reported. Mlilo was arrested and appeared before Western Commonage magistrate, Mr Richard Ramaboea on a public indecency charge. She was remanded out of custody to 30 April.

via myzimbabwe


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