Danielle Lott

Senta Staffney of Muskegon, MI was sentenced to six months in prison after a June 17 incident where she bit off her friend Danielle Lott?s finger after a disagreement over fifty cents that was allegedly owed to Staffney after she sold two cigarettes to Lott.

The argument began in Lott?s sister?s front yard after Staffney agreed to sell Lott two cigarettes for fifty cents each.

Lott then gave Staffney a dollar.

However, Staffney believed that she was owed an additional fifty cents even though she had already been paid in full. The verbal confrontation quickly became physical and Staffney then bit off Lott?s ring finger and spit it back out into the yard. Both women had been drinking prior to the incident.

On August 5 Staffney was sentenced by a judge to serve ?6 months in jail and 18 months on probation for resisting and obstructing a police officer, as well as 20 hours of community service, $248 in fees and costs and probation oversight fees of $40 per month?, according to John S. Hausman of

Hausman also states, ?As conditions of probation, she is to be tested for illegal substances and alcohol and must attend ?personal growth counseling,? to include battering and domestic violence therapy, the judge said.?

Lott and her severed finger were rushed to a local area hospital, but the injury was too badly damaged for the digit to be attached.

It is sad to see so many long lasting consequences behind an argument over something so simple. Hopefully they both can learn from this incident and make some changes to their lifestyles.


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