The body of a young woman was discovered thursday morning close to the residence of former President Rawlings at Tefle in the Volta Region. This is the fifth time a dead body has been found in the area. According to XYZ News correspondent, Emmanuel Atupka, residents in the area suspect it could be a ritual killing. The corpse has ropes around the legs and hands indicating that she was tied up by the alleged killers.

The body is said to be lying right infront of the building of the former Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Dr. Agamah. Emmanuel Atukpa reports that about some bodies were discovered near the spot last year.

According to the District Chief Executive (DCE) , Daniel Amelorku, the District Security Council will meet on how best to address the development. He said after last year’s incidents, the DISEC formed a patrol team that regularly made sure that the residents of the area were safe.

He said investigations revealed that the deceased is from the nearby community of Sokpoe and is believed to be suffering from a mental problem. Mr Amelorku said the situation is getting alarming and that he has asked for a meeting with the paramount chief in order to strategies on how to curb the growing trend.


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