A Tennessee woman accused a lover of rape because she ?did not enjoy it,? according to Newschannel5.com on Dec. 3. Lynette Lee of Clarksville originally told police she was raped by a man but recently recanted her story.

Lee met a man online and made arrangements to meet him at a hotel. Once at the hotel, her false report stated the man removed her clothes while he ignored her protests. The man was questioned by police, which he claimed they went out on a date and the sexual encounter was consensual.

During a second interview, Lee told officers she wanted to drop the case and admitted it was a lie. She told the officers at that time she lied because she ?did not enjoy it and it was bad.?

Accusing a person of rape is a serious matter. This innocent person could have been found guilty and served time in prison unjustly. There are numerous rapes of both men and women and to make a mockery of the justice system belittles the victims and their families.

She was charged with filing a false report. A bond was set at $2,000.


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