Tiara Monique Garness

A 22-year-old woman was arrested and charged with indecent exposure for wearing a thong bathing suit in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA.

Tiara Monique Garness of High Point, North Carolina, was arrested at 5 a.m. Friday in the 1700 block of Ocean Boulevard, the arrest report said.

Police charged Garness with the misdemeanor offense after she was warned twice by officers to cover up.

The City of Myrtle Beach.local government website states that ?Thong bikini bathing suits and public display of certain body parts are illegal and can result in arrest?.

The city?s current laws on indecency were approved in 1993, and section 14-83 says ?It shall be unlawful for any person to intentionally appear in any public place in such as state of dress or undress as to expose to the view of others? the buttocks?.

The ordinance goes on to state that a police officer should issue a warning to the offender and that person must either cover up or leave the public place. If they don?t, they will be charged with violation of the code.

Garness isn?t the only one to fall foul of the law over the weekend.

Three other women, Latosha Faye Collins, 27, of Dalton, South Carolina, Tenisha Blair, 34, of Shelby, South Carolina and Latoya Michen, 31, of Philadelphia, were all arrested between Friday morning and Saturday night and charged with misdemeanor indecent exposure for exposing their buttocks.

Recently, Virginia couple Jasmine Kim Walton, 21, and Kyle Martin Schnoebelen were arrested at North Myrtle beach for indecent exposure after going skinny-dipping and returning to find their clothes had disappeared.

According to jail records, Garness was taken to prison and held on a $469 cash bond.

Source-Daily Mail UK


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