Article | September 25, 2014 – 3:38pm

By Judith Judith

Divorce seems to be currently in the air and they come even more shocking from Pastor Chris and Anita Oyakihilome to Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa.
Now Wizkid has decided to share his thought on divorce in general;
In the Western world, divorce is very common, as a matter of fact, it happens almost every day. Two people decide to come together and take a vow to share the rest of their lives together, forever. Both after a while for one reason or the other they want out and  want to go their separate ways; sometimes not even considering the fact their children are involved. Some of them go into marriage and come out quickly why others stay together for 10 years and more before they decide they want out.  
In Nigeria, we attach importance to keeping our marriage vows and maybe that is why divorce is not so common here but it does happen, yes, Nigerians do divorce but very insignificant figure. That notwithstanding, not all marriages are rosy but the couples still decide to stick together or more like co-exist.  
But is it really worth it? Why suffer in silence? Why not go separate ways like people in the western world and find happiness with someone else? What is stopping us? What are we afraid of? Or are we trying to uphold moral values, but don’t your happiness count? Your views are welcome.


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