Ha! Some people are much blessed with Talents, other are blessed to use the talents to take over the world. Over these past few years one of the most known musicians coming out of Africa is Wizkid. Apparently his freestyles and almost everything he spits become a HUGE banger. Well last week tweeted the following TWEETS. It seems LIFE is BEST for Wizkid.

Kon and i been in the studio for the past 2days…really happy with the kinna music we making…!!

And, then,?Akon?endorsed his assertion with:

Night off… Told them I was Akon’s stunt double lolpic.twitter.com/axvvcLGD

@Akon?listening to a new smash that?@wizkidayo?just cut…. We Working !

Forgot to attach the picture lol me and?@wizkidayo?listening to his new record?pic.twitter.com/K5K95r0q

Source?: OMGGHAN


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