India is one of the most visited countries in the Asian continent. Culturally and regionally rich in nature, India every year attracts millions of travellers who tour the entire length and breadth of the country. Kolkata being the capital of West Bengal, a state in the country is known as one of the most colourful and culturally-rich region. You can witness some of the most spectacular scenes in its landscape. Being peacefully located near the sea, you can relax and see the sunset in a different light altogether. Kolkata attracts many visitors to its area every year.

A different dialect, a different region, a different culture, a different religion Kolkata people have a lot to offer to you as a visitor. To facilitate the incoming of more such people, a number of hotels have opened up in the city.

Kolkata hotels are adequately priced for all types of people  rich, middle class and poor. If you are looking for something luxurious, then you have not come far because the city prides itself on having some of the most luxurious accommodation facilities too. In fact in Kolkata luxury hotels have their own niche market or clientele. Coming from all parts of the world, there are people who don’t compromise on their luxury quotient. Keeping this type of a market in mind, Kolkata has started investing in such arenas that come with a good return on investment.

It is now that Delhi is the capital of India, but there was a time when India was a British colony and was governed by the seat of British Empire in Kolkata (earlier called Calcutta). Rich in historical relevance, Kolkata prides itself on being a treasure of the country.

It was Kolkata that got its first share of luxury and touch of England in comparison to the rest of the country. Having been associated with luxury for quite some time, Kolkata luxury hotels speak volumes of their grandeur and long lost tradition.

In Kolkata hotels are so neatly divided into categories that you can choose exactly what you want out of the lot. There are hotels residing strictly on a lane because it comes under certain category while there are others which are placed on other lanes because of other factors. Kolkata has overtime developed into a place that houses artists, poets, academicians, scientists, freedom fighters and much more. It has a long tradition of being associated with creativity. People from all parts of the world thus come here to experience what was and is Kolkata. A name in itself, it has some of the world’s best minds residing here. Creativity, richness, pompousness, vibrancy, is all packed in one and fed to you in Kolkata.

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