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Shai-Osudoku is endowed with natural resources yet its indigenes are suffering. There is a big leadership crisis in the district which has accounted for lack of development in the district. It is now or never and the district must develop. It was rather pathetic as the district scored zero % in project benefits in the district last year.


I am not writing for the sake of who becomes the District Chief Executive of Shai-Osudoku district but rather to bring to the limelight of political leadership in the country on some happenings and why it should be addressed as early as possible. If this issue is addressed, it will bring sanity, development, healthy competition and opportunity to all eligible constituents irrespective of their tribes, educational backgrounds, religion et al.

I heard about this issue of ‘convention’ in the constituency when Dr. Kpessa Whyte came into the limelight to contest the parliamentary seat. This issue of convention played a critical role why Kpessa lost the election. There are two traditional areas in the constituency which constituents the Shai-Osudoku.

The two traditional areas are Shai and Osudoku. So it is alleged that in the National Democratic Congress (NDC), supposedly a candidate becomes the Member of Parliament from the Shai area then, they wanting to balance the political pendulum, decides to give the DCE position to someone from the Osudoku area and the vice versa.

So it became the normal practice. But concerns have been raised and others have questioned the objectivity of this so called ‘convention’ in the constituency. This year, as the New Patriotic Party also won the election and the Parliamentary candidate is coming from the Shai area this so bogus convention’ is the subject of the day again in the constituency in the camps of the NPP.

However, unlike the NDC that has made it clear on this issue, there is nothing of this sought in the NPP in the constituency. Agitations have started emanating from this so called convention’ in who becomes the DCE of the constituency. Many names have popped up from both Shai and Osudoku areas. The Osudoku people I understand have vowed to have the DCE.
Is this professed ‘convention’ Beneficial?

Absolutely NO as I observed in the constituency. The reason being that, it has really deprived the constituents a competent people to manage the affairs of the constituency. Square pegs are placed in a round hole and most of the people who contest or are appointed as DCE’s or Mps’ based on this convention do not live up to expectations which has deprived the district of its developments.

People who also lobbied for most of these positions are not even qualified to man these positions but are given the nod partly because of their loyalty and contributions to the party the moment the party wins power. There are so many things to be done in the district. The district is close to Accra and was earmarked to be the regional capital of Accra yet nothing has been done.

Bad roads graced motorists everywhere, unemployment rates are very high, high teenage pregnancies, social vices et al are the other of the day coupled with alleged financial malfeasance, inappropriate awards of contracts and right things not being done at the district assembly. It is therefore the time for sanity to be brought to the district in this new government.

The case of the NPP and who becomes the DCE.

If the NPP wants to perform well in the 2020 elections then this is the time to appoint a competent DCE in the district. DCE who is passionate about development in the district. A DCE who knows the in and out of the people. Someone with a track records of job creation with good policies and implementation.

If the President and the NPP government make the mistake to appoint someone just to satisfy the Party for satisfactory sake then they are in big trouble. People are looking for development in the district and it is not a child’s play. Politic is a serious business and must be seen as such. It is therefore disgusting for those who have started lobbying to be at loggerheads with each other in the NPP already. Why should this be so? If indeed you want to transform your district and you have love for the people why then should you be fighting?

I therefore charged the NPP leadership to appoint someone competent for the people to enable development but not on basis of I have suffered for the party. What about if you suffered for the party and you are incompetent? I am happy the president has said money should be made at the private sector and not public sector.

Not my party is in power so it is a platform to make money. We mean business now in the district and not putting wrong people in a round hole in the district. A word to the wise is enough and I know the President will appoint a competent person to manage the district.

By Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu


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