The need of security cannot be ignored from the past age to current age. In the past it was the security guards that used to guard the entire palace of a king or Jamindars. Except that the people of the age could not thin of the security. But the ages have changed and the modern science has invented the superior invention that is helpful for providing the top security. The name of the invention is CCTV system.

In a nutshell, the CCTV system is arranged with the video camera, a processor machine, and the TV display. The video camera transmits the minute pictures happened in front of the camera and the processor makes it recorded and makes the useable format on the TV screen. That is the easiest description of a CCTV system. But the science has not been stopped standing in a place. They have invented the wireless CCTV cameras that are very compatible for all places.

The CCTV is a device with which you can watch the event happened in front of the camera.

The main power source of the camera is cord. That is the reason; the place you want to set the camera of CCTV cannot be set for the burden of cord connected to it. The cord is no less important to the camera and the processor machine. The processor receives the signal sent by the camera through the cord. The processor records the signal and simultaneously it can show the event on the TV screen. But the idea came to the mind of science that if the camera can be separated from the wire or cord, it can be set in the place wherever you want to set. That way, the wireless CCTV camera has been invented.

The wireless CCTV camera transmits the signal by wireless frequency to the processor machine that has the capacity to transform it to readable format and records it with the facility to display on the screen.

The need demand of that kind of camera is very high for its high performance. Now, we have got the wireless water proof camera and night light camera. This type of camera can work in any weather and at night also. The cost of the camera depends on the brand, company, facility and the processor recorder machine. It the machine has the multi point camera connection facility, the cost will be high. So, have your own now!

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