Windows phone is a famous operating system for mobile phones offered by Microsoft. Like all other Microsoft products it is another successful product. But the new Microsoft windows phone 7 contains serious drawbacks in it. Microsoft Windows Phone update crashes the phone. Like; it crashes Samsung Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus smartphones, even corrupting the phone?s firmware. In such condition you only one alternative i.e. to take the phone to your network operator, and have it replaced under the 100 percent warranty clause. The new Microsoft update is really discouraging and it seems to have failed drastically. In some versions it is failed completely while in some versions it works properly. This imbalance is not tolerable from an operating system. Microsoft is working towards and update fix, in the immediate future.
It was also heard that carriers, exercising their right to block updates, have done the same with the Windows Phone 7.

It?s a very disappointing failure by Microsoft which is very rare. It is even more surprising that the OEMs, who have no facility at all to block updates, have not intervened, in this extreme situation. It is not yet confirmed that the entire fault is of Microsoft or Samsung but in both the cases the problems are availing for users, who have to suffer a lot. If any mobile phone crashes the whole blame is faced mostly by the phone manufacturer, no one ask about the operating system.
Microsoft has got a great success in designing operating systems for personal computers. There are series of Microsoft windows and all of them proved to be most efficient. That?s why it become difficult to be leave that how such a great company can make this much big mistake. Whether it is a rigorous testing issue or a callous Microsoft approach, Microsoft faces a massive struggle against the ever-growing iPhone demand and the extremely well accepted Android innovation. trojan virus remover
Today the most famous companies that design mobile operating system are Apple, Android and Microsoft. Thus there is a great competition between all of them. So in this hard competition environment such faults and failures are definitely not bearable at all. Microsoft has to make certain quick decisions to resolve these problems. This is a high time for Microsoft to anayse the market and makes certain strategies to curb these problems so that it can survive perfectly in mobile sector.

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