Windows RT devices will be thinner, lighter and more power-efficient

David Schmoock, Lenovo’s head of North America operations, has announced that the Windows 8 tablets will cost between $600 and $700, while Windows RT tablets will cost $200 to $300 less than that.

Windows RT is the version of Microsoft’s operating system that runs on ARM-based processors ? the same kind that appear in most phones and tablets, including Apple’s iPad.

Compared to Windows 8 tablets, processors for which will come from Intel and AMD, Windows RT devices will likely be thinner, lighter and more power-efficient on average.

However, only Windows 8 will be able to run Legacy desktop software, whereas Windows RT will rely on apps from the Windows Store. It will have a desktop, but only for a few built-in applications, such as File Explorer, Internet Explorer and a special version of Office 2013.

“RT will play in consumer and retail at very aggressive price points,” Schmoock said.

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