In Ghana and most parts of Africa, Politics is a do and die affair played on turf full of thorns in the jungle. The gladiators who graduated from being babies with very sharp teeth to their present state have no scruples of being referred to as notorious politicians. Armed to the teeth, they are prepared to crush any person who acts as alloy in their desperate attempts to wrest political power for themselves and their respective parties. In their efforts to acquire the Golden Fleece, the Ghanaian politician is bound to level malicious and baseless allegations, some of which border on criminality on their political opponents with any proof.

The issue before our Supreme Court has generated a lot of keen interest both within and outside the country so much that people were always glued to their television sets during the hearings of the petition a few months ago. The end is in sight for the battle for the winner of the 2012 Presidential Election will finally be won and lost at the Supreme Court on Thursday, 29th August, 2013.

In such a dangerous terrain of politics, I did not think spirituality has any role in the game. But I was mistaken. One Reverend Takyi who has his Ministry in the Bubuashie area has a story to narrate. He narrated the countless visions he has had about the outcome of the December 2012 Presidential Elections. The most stunning aspect of the whole thing is that these visions and revelations were made to members of his congregations and my humble self prior to the December 2012 Presidential Election.

Initially, I did not want to dabble into the area of spirituality and so kept the revelation to myself and close confidants. But within the last two weeks, I my conscience has been pricked have been pricked about the great disservice I am doing to the Ghanaian populace and the severe repercussions that await me if I keep mum over what the Good Lord has revealed through His humble servant, Reverend Takyi. And so, whether you believe it or not, here we go.

Let me state here for the avoidance of doubt that this revelation is spiritual and I cannot say how, where and when the spiritual crosses path with the physical. Let me also say that I do not have Reverend Takyi?s permission to make his encounter with his God public. I am doing so on my own with the belief that it will increase the faith of many should the revelations come to past.

Reverend Takyi?s first vision is similar to that of Prophet John Jerry Ahima, which I narrated a few weeks before and after the election. In the vision, the man of God saw all the Presidential Candidates engaged in a car race to see which of them will cross the finishing line first. Nana Akufo Addo?s was leading the pack until a few metres to the finishing line, he encountered an obstacle. He got down and together with some of his Aides, they were able to clear the road of any encumbrance. It was while they were busily engaged in clearing the road that John Mahama?s vehicle overtook that of Nana Akufo Addo?s and crossed the finishing line.

The umpires at the finishing line had observed all that had transpired during the race. They came out with their verdict which was accepted by the two leading contenders-The N P P and the N D C. This was after consultation with ?Abrewa?. And the verdict? There should be a re-run between the first two contestants.

The second vision was a continuation of the first one. In this, the man of God saw that Nana Akufo0Addo had been tied behind a moving vehicle which was dragging him on the ground. All of a sudden, a giant bill board with Nana Akufo Addo picture emerged in the open. At that point, Asiedu Nketiah and some mop members of the NDC appeared on the scene and pulled down the bill board and smeared it with dirt. They stationed some soldiers there with the instruction to shoot down any person who attempted to \resurrect? the bill board. People including Reverend Takyi looked on helplessly as the soldiers cordoned off the entire vicinity.

While the onlookers watched with eagle eyes, a strange phenomenon began to emerge.? The giant bill board began to show signs of life. It came back to life and stood at Ninety Degrees. Who could have done this? The people asked. But only God could perform such a miracle, people chorused. Akufo Addo then made an open proclamation that he would build a Temple at the exact place where the giant bill board came back alive. What a revelation!

Well, that was what the Good Lord showed to Reverend Takyi. As I have already stated, this is a spiritual matter which cannot be swept under the carpet. Whoever attempts to do any such thing will face the wrath of the Almighty God. My putting it in the public domain is not in any way meant to influence the Judges of the Supreme Court in any way. The Nine Justices are men and women of integrity who will not kowtow to any external power or influence, military, spiritual, physical or otherwise.

You may choose to believe or disbelieve this revelation; that?s your choice. But for me I do believe that what has been revealed to Reverend Takyi at the spiritual plane is a reflection of which will eventually manifest itself at the physical plane. My Lords Temporal will deliver their verdict on Thursday, 29th August, 2013. Will it be a ratification of what my Lords Spiritual revealed to the Man of God or completely different from it?

Well, for me, I no want any trouble!? What do you say?

See you after the historic Supreme Court verdict.

Daniel Danquah Damptey ([email protected]) 0243715297 ????



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