Most Ghanaian musicians and producers alike have over the years attributed their inability to make decent promotional outputs to Payola. That reason won?t fly in this era of mass media.

Social media within the past few years has proven a workable medium for the successful execution of promotional campaigns; a large chunk of the target audience of these musicians also live there ? literally.

It offers that direct, in-your-face connection, without having to opt for the more conventional streams.

In two separate interviews with Edem and Skillions Records act Paapa, they both agreed on how crucial social media is to the work they do. Paapa isn?t your average mainstream music artiste but he?s got quite a large, loyal fan base. His first album Solar was mainly promoted on social media.

Manifest is another artiste who has made great use of social media. He?s managed to get the attention of music lovers to appreciate his brand through social media. Recently, he used Google+ to premiere the Asa video that features Efya, and also does regular Google Hangouts, connecting with millions of people worldwide.

Need I say more or give other examples?  Can?t pay to have your music played on radio or shown on television because it?s too expensive? Social media is at your disposal for free.

Are you too busy or have no idea how social media works? READ THIS


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