A few years back, no one would consider relocating to the Midwest. There was nothing special about that region. In fact, the top choices when it came to moving were New York, Florida, Washington, etc. However, the trend has undergone a change in recent times, with many choosing to move to good Midwest.

Here?s why:

Cost of living

This is by far one of the most popular reasons why people are steadily moving to Midwest. The cost of living there is much lower than the national average, yet the lifestyle is easy to adapt to. If you compare prices of commodities or homes, you will find that it is a good deal lower. There are many cities in this country where people have to manage two jobs to pay bills, but in Midwest, you can live a reasonably affluent lifestyle with your family.


A common misconception with the above factor is that if the cost of living is lower, it means that the salary is low as well. This is not an exponential growth graph. It is interesting to note that wages are higher in some professions and equal in others. There are low end jobs too, but that is true for anywhere in the country. You can easily find a job where you can utilize your skills such as media, journalism, banking, insurance, healthcare, education, healthcare, and so on.


If you take the cost of an average home on the East Coast, it starts at $275,000.

If you manage to shell out this amount of money, you can manage to occupy a 2-bedroom ranch. This goes to explain the fact why couples often have to juggle more than one job. It takes a long time to pay off the mortgage on a home, which is clearly quite high. The average house in the Midwest is $125,000. Many 2 or 3 bedroom ranch type homes barely make the $100,000 price range. There are high-end options for living as well, but the statistics go on to show that you will not have to slog day and night to pay off an exorbitant mortgage on your home.


When it comes to property taxes, they are way lower in the Midwest. It costs more for license plates than it does in the East, but purchasing auto insurance is cheaper. There is a sales tax on clothing that you have to pay in Midwest, but in the general scenario, you can survive on much less in taxes in the Midwest than in most places.

Warmth and Hospitality

The people of Midwest are extremely welcoming and full of warmth. When you move here, it will not be too tough for you to blend in. Even your children will adapt to the move much faster. The neighborhoods are family-friendly and parks filled with families having a good time are a common sight. People here look out and care for each other, and you will soon feel yourself to be a part of the Midwestern way of living.

Apartment living or mobile home

Those who choose to live to live in apartments or mobile homes in the Midwest pay a lot less than they would in the East. The rates might rise with each passing year, but it is still lower than a lot of other places.


Those fond of the ocean will find it disappointing but the weather makes up for it. Although there is nothing extraordinary about the weather, you will not face extreme temperatures during both summer and winter. It can get a little hotter in the summer and little colder in the winter.


Some of the best chocolate shops in the country are situated here. Chocaholics flock here from all over the world to sample some of the delights in the Midwest. For example, there is Maurie’s Fine Chocolates in Madison, which offers a wide assortment of specialty truffles, which are the brainchild of resident chocolatier Cher Diamond. Try the bergamot essence-infused truffles, the passion fruit-infused ganache truffles, and Maurie’s dark chocolate and homemade caramel. Another place to try out is the David Bacco Chocolats. David Bacco and his chocolates have taken new life in the Hilldale Mall. Each concoction is inspired after an element of nature, be it water, fire, earth, air, or spirit. The Exotic Caramel, which comes as a glistening orange-red dome filled with liquid caramel and infused with tropical fruits shouldn?t be missed out on. Other creations the Gingered Macadamia Nut that comes encased in a sparkling green and yellow column-shaped shell, while the Tahitian Vanilla is cast in a blue and white fleur de lys design

Engage the services of a professional to make sure the relocation is without hassles. Professionals can take over the entire move, so that you can devote your time to other important matters during this time. Look for Madison movers, moving companies in Lafayette, Detroit movers, or moving services in Lansing, for assistance. Don?t forget to verify the authenticity of the company by looking it up on the Better Business Bureau website. It should be licensed, bonded, and insured, which is a sure-shot way to know about its credibility.

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