Producing beat for musicians is no mean business, that?s the more reason why when an artist identifies that he is most comfortable with a producer, often he works with that fella till death or retirement inhibits that relationship.
dj breezyIt explains why JMJ often handless Samini?s production whiles Killbeatz does same for R2Bees.
In Jamaica often when a fella is deemed to be bad it could mean that he is so good at what he does and when he is deemed to be a rudebuoy it could mean that he is real and so there are curious terms of endearment but DJ Breezy?s beats the mind.
Having been adjudged the best producer in Ghana at the 16th Vodafone Ghana Music Awards there is little doubt that the man behind hits such as ?Seihor?, ?Personal Person?, and ?Tonga? has arrived, however the verbal abuse/insult he allows on tracks he works on needs a relook.
On Joey B?s monster hit ?tonga? the lanky rapper offered ?DJ Breezy you are a fool for this beat? as endorsement of his stellar work on the beat production.
On his own production Asa (dance) which featured some stars, popular actor Nkansah Lilwin stated ?DJ Breezy asia?. ?Asia? in the Twi language is an abbreviated form of the insult ?kwasia? meaning fool.
?DJ Breezy wu ye stupid? was how Black Avenue Music boss D-Black showed his love for Breezy?s production of his ?Red Card? track.
For EL?s ?Shelele? track a voice again congratulated DJ Breezy thus ?ah DJ Breezy what kind of nonsense is this?.
?Seihor? by Castro featuring D-Black could not be left out as D-Black stated: ?DJ Breezy wa bodam? meaning ?DJ Breezy you are mad.?
You would think the abusive endearment would stop but on Stay Jay?s ?feelings? featuring Nkansah lilwin he had this to say on the track ?DJ Breezy wu ye fucking asia? meaning ?DJ Breezy you are a fucking fool.?
And to crown it all on VVIP?s ?Selfie? track Breezy was offered this ?DJ Breezy you are a bigger fool for this beat? mind you on Tonga he was just termed a big fool.
I must however add that there are a few exceptions such as on D-Black?s ?Personal Person? where the curious yet abusive endearment is not offered as is Chris Waddle?s ?Pepeepe? and D-Black?s ?Son of God? ft Bisa Kdei where Black actually states ?DJ Breezy you are a blessing?.
It is hoped that musicians who seek the services of DJ Breezy would endeavour to show love and respect towards him other than exhibit such crudeness and to you Breezy for God?s sake let this madness stop.
Observe DJ Breezy?s reaction in Castro?s ?Seihor? video when one such ?endearment? was offered by D-Black:

source: michael eli dokosi


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