The General Overseer of Freedom Chapel International Apostle Francis Amoako- Atta, has bemoaned the manner in which Christians are celebrating the?Easter?festivity.
IMG_20150402_183950This he said, numerous people are celebrating the easter festivity at wrong places and at the wrong time.
According to him Christians should endeavour to embrace the word of God, so that they can understand the significance of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ and to emulate him for his sacrifice.
“Today you see Christians moving to beaches, drinking bars and others just to satiate their lustful desires; instead of them to submit their lives to God and recall the suffering our Jesus Christ went through to redeem us from the darkness” he bemoaned.
The Man of God, who made this known to SpyGhana in exclusive interview, noted many have misconstrued the true concept of the Easter festivity. ” That is why we record numerous deaths during the season. When they got drunk, the next thing you see is their dead bodies especially at the beaches. This is extremely bad!
He has therefore cautioned Christians not to make merry, drink alcohol and over-feed themselves; but rather use the occasion to reconcile with the sovereignty God.
The Clergyman, also asked Christians to uphold truth, and said that the death of Jesus should be a challenge to them.However,he has therefore entreated his follow pastors to endeavour to package their messages well in order to attract the masses.
According to him, many people are fed up with the old messages they are receiving from their pastors.
He has therefore challenged them to preach the undiluted word to their members in order to revive them.
The Man of God also frowned upon the manner in which some people are misusing the social media to blackmail or tarnish the good name of people; instead of them to using the platform judiciously to propagate the gospel of God. The Apostle therefore warned people who indulge in such immoral acts to put a stop to it since it has a gravious repercussions.
He also advised the youth not to engage in immoral acts; such as internet fraud and others; in the name of getting rich quick. Since they are the future leaders of mother Ghana.

By:Isaac Kofi Dzokpo



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