Today is the so called Day D that our doctors said they will resign en masse and go to Nigeria to go and practice. Let them go ahead and see whether I will not organize the youth of this country under forty years of age to go back to primary six and work very hard to become “intelligent” people capable of entering the medical school and becoming doctors eventually to protect, save and guard jealously the precious lives of our people.

Ghanaian Medical Doctors

I believe you won’t resign, I believe you will find something good to tell us other than resign. You can’t make the people of Ghana scapegoats in this whole affair of condition of service. The fight is between you and government and not the people of Ghana. Please reconsider your action and return immediately to the hospitals. There must be a way out and I trust there is a way out of this by all means.


Granted that it is true that the government has not treated you fairly or even that the government has refused to pay you for over a year like it happens to many other institutions under government’s paycheck. My reference is the recent report about Nadmo workers and their over 13 month salary problems and others in the same health services as you. Like the nurses who recently converged at the Black Star Square.

I was one of the very few guys who defended your action from the beginning with the little ink I have in my pen. I wrote several articles to defend your right to a good condition of service.I was also the one who “fought” you when you decided to bring the police service into the fray. I thought as at that time that you were not been treated fairly but that it didn’t warrant an attack on the police neither did it warrant the needless loss of lives.

Even up to now I still believe that despite your strike been an illegal one, you still deserve to have a proper and appropriate condition of service in place.

How you can achieve this is very simple and will only require a little sacrifice. That is; sacrifice a little now, save lives today, put a crack team of experts together, draft a good favorable and budget friendly condition of service (cos) document or call it draft service condition proposal. Forward it to the minister of health who is a member of cabinet which will then study it, accept vary or reject parts of it partly or wholly or otherwise but trust me whatever they will put together as your condition of service to parliament for passage into law will be subjected to some rigorous debate through the committee stages to the plenary of the house to passage, you will finally win the battle for good service condition. It will become law. You will be happy and Ghanaians also be happy.

I want to believe you will listen to me because if you fail and go ahead and resign today, I will be left with no option than to go back to junior high school (jhs) and work hard to become an “intelligent”person capable of becoming a doctor to protect the future of this country and lives of the people living in it.

This is the only country we have and we must all together guard it jealously.

This is just a friendly advice from your patient at-large, Abdul Hanan Mohammed El-Saeed
Please accept my advice and don’t resign.


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