http://www.theworldlovefoundation.org/: One of the best ways to cross the country of Ghana is on the Yapei Queen. The cargo ship is the main artery connecting remote villages that are otherwise isolated from the rest of Ghana on the shores of Lake Volta. It leaves on Monday afternoon and arrives late Tuesday evening in the town of Yeji. It was one of the most interesting parts of our trip watching the market women return home from the Akosombo market.


Always a good time on a Tro Tro. A really nice way to explore the lake is by finding a local fisherman, or anyone with a canoe that is, and negotiate a fair price for a couple of hours out on the lake.

“Thanks for watching agohorel, Have fun in Ghana, we have been twice and are likely going back Nov.? 2011. The boat trip is highly recommended, there are two cabins, we slept on deck, it was about 32 hours, fascinating. You end in Yeji and will likely need to spend the night there, cheap and basic. the next morning is a short trip across the lake then a tro tro to Tamale. You will probably need to overnight in Tamale, there is a bus from Tamale to Mole.”  Makaiohana (YouTube) 

“Took a trip on? the Volta Lake with my sisters when i was in Ghana.The greatest experience.Can’t wait to go back!”  Physicspilot (YouTube) 

“I took the yapei queen from yeji to akosombo in July this year. Was a great ride- made a little entertaining by a couple of other obrunis. I didn’t get a cabin (too expensive) so i slept? on the deck both nights. The deck is usually hot and you get very sweaty with the engine heat. But I loved it and would recommend it. It was great watching the Yam farmers too- a real Ghana experience.”  Venkman1987 (YouTube) 

More Info….
Lake Volta (or Volta Lake) is the largest man-made lake in the world. A passenger boat, the Yapei Queen runs the entire length of the lake between Akosombo in the South to Yeji in the North. The trip takes about 24 hours one way and departs from Akosombo every Monday. You can book your voyage through the Volta Lake Transport Company. You’ll be sharing the boat with some livestock and lots of vegetables, the boat is sometimes referred to as the “yam boat”. The sleeping is rough but certainly rewarding for the adventurous traveller. Check out the above video to get an idea of what it’s like. 

There are other smaller ferry services on Lake Volta that will take you further north and east. You can arrange transportation in Tamale.

Credit: http://goafrica.about.com/od/ghana/tp/ghanatopattractions.htm

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: I plan to visit Lake Volta with ‘The World Love Foundation’ a wonderful body that’s bringing clean water to rural villages in Ghana through their travel with a purpose corporation. In my daily pursuit for the perfect backdrops for fashion shoots (regular readers will know all about this pursuit of mine) etc, I thought -why not Lake Volta? And the above film clip totally sold it to me -plus, I love the idea of working with ‘The World Love Foundation’ -who are doing fabulous work in Ghana. 

With a primary focus of, “improving the lives of rural communities through health, sanitation, education and economic development” -‘The World Love Foundation’ are also putting Ghana on the tourist map through their annual tours to Ghana; with the funds raised from said expeditions used to fund clean water projects. During last year’s tour they visited Shiega village in the northern region where they donated perma nets “to prevent Malaria and Lifestraws for filtering water.”

I believe their 2012 expedition to Ghana takes place in July -and they plan to “fund a new borehole for Shiega village.” There are still places available on this years expedition (http://www.theworldlovefoundation.org/Ghana_July_Expedition.html) –
-so get in touch with the good people at ‘The World Love Foundation’ -asap if you fancy an adventure with a difference!!! 

You know….it always amazes me, the many unsung heroes doing amazing work in our homeland Ghana!! Many aren’t Ghanaian, have no links to Ghana but simply fell in love with Ghana, its people or were moved to HELP, so Ghana Rising would like to take this opportunity to says, “thanks and God Bless” to Tony & Terri-Lynn Kalhagen and Rashed Anaba, the wonderful people behind ‘The World Love Foundation’ for the all the wonderful work they are and continue to do for rural communities in Ghana… xoxoxo

**The film clip below is further insight into the fantastic work ‘The World Love Foundation’ is doing for Ghana and beyond. For more information or donate visit:http://www.theworldlovefoundation.org/

“Each year we take a small group of travellers to tour the country of Ghana and see our numerous projects. For every ten people we take to Ghana we can build 1 new borehole that will provide water to at least 1,500 people including their livestock and water for the farms.” The World Love Foundation 


http://www.theworldlovefoundation.org/ New PSA to raise awareness for the lack of Potable drinking water that is found throughout much of the world. Since 2007 our efforts have made a small dent in the global community by funding 4 clean water wells, “boreholes” Now we are leading tours to Ghana to share our projects and fund new clean water wells. Come with us.

Do LIKE their Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-World-Love-Foundation/262794867122031

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