mercy johnson

Just when everybody is preparing to leave for the Accra international Conference Center where the RTP Awards will be held in few hours to come, Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson just tweeted that she won?t be able to make it for the show.

The actress said:

Why was the Abuja airport closed today of all days? This is so unfair. Ghana am so-so [email protected] Pls let me make it up to you.

? Mama Purity (@realmercyj) December 5, 2013

Earlier today, reports went viral that organisers of the show had not make payments for AICC , where the event will be held. Organisers made payment for the venue few hours ago. Before that, Pope Skinny, manager for Tutulapato had insulted them for using his artiste?s name for promoting the RTP Awards without consulting him.

Mercy Johnson was to host tonight?s awards show with Kafui Dey.


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