Have you ever though that what are the major key differences between two products from different brands? More or less all computing devices be it desktops, laptops, ultrabooks or any others are based on the same technologies. Products may have the same operating system, same processor type, similar RAM and hard-disk capacity, similar ports, and so on. There can be a few addition or subtraction of features, a marginal difference in terms of color and gravity, and a very close difference when it comes to prices and availability. Then what is the prime aspect that provokes a user to go with one and leave the others. According to me it is ?after-sales support feature? that adds values to a brand, and it can be key feature in the long run success putting the hall-mark on the trust and reliability of any brand in the people?s mindset.

All big and small brands have accepted the importance of after-sales computer technical support services, and have explicitly translated that with the warranty based support portfolio.

Actually, this is a comprehensive program that incorporates support for software, hardware and attached peripherals. Within the warranty period a company takes the onus to repair and maintain your system at your comfort, thereby giving you peace of mind. Going ahead, a few brands also incorporate accidental damage protection to safeguard your machine against accidents like drops, spills, electrical surges or failure. Apart from the hardware support and protection PC repair services are also available for software section, and can be classified under categories- setup and installation, software/driver update or upgrade, repair and maintenance, PC troubleshooting and optimization, and more-and can be accessed over the Internet by means of a remote software. A few operating systems likes Vista and Windows 7 do incorporate remote assistance feature that can help you to connect your system to a distant technicians.

Apart from offering experts? assistance, system software or machines also come with in-built PC repair and maintenance tools. For instance Microsoft Offers a range of troubleshooting tools like Microsoft Fix It, Windows Update, Windows Restore, Windows Repair Utilities, Internet and Network Troubleshooter and more that come handy in adverse condition. Third-party software vendors also add a herd of services for quick repair and troubleshooting that can be exploited to keep the system running in an error-free state, e.g. you can get virus removal, registry cleaner, etc. at no costs from AVG, PC Tools, and other noted developers.

Now, fix computer problems on you own, even if you don?t bear the expertise; search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. bring quick to follow text and video solutions at your fingertips. Blog and tech support forums administered by reputed brands like Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, and others can help you to stay productive by keeping errors or issues at a bay. Most of the drivers or software updates, security software with basic features, and firmware are available for free download. Hence, the least effort that is required on your part is to have a caring attitude towards your system.

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